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Alex McGilvery


Alex has been reading since before he can remember, and writing almost that long. He has published 18 books and is author and editor at his imprint Celticfrog Publishing. He lives in Kamloops with his dog and the stories clawing their way out of his head.

  • Becoming Marilyn

    Marylin works through her formative years in counseling as she attends University to become a social worker. When her father has a heart attack, all Marilyn's tuiition and savings disappear. A singing contest offers a solution. But a trusted friend warns her it will change her forever.

  • By the Book

    They've never gone on a quest. They've never done anything that wasn't in The Book.

    God appears in Paul's kitchen during breakfast and sends Paul on a quest. The quest begins by taking the first person he meets as his companion. Daniel comes by to trade for vegetable and begins a Tuesday that ends with them on the road away from their home with only a Page from Paul's Book to guide them. Paul and Daniel learn very quickly that the world is bigger and stranger than anything they'd known before. Only as they starting succeeding in their quest do the friends realize they are fighting an ancient and powerful evil. If they win, their world will never be the same. If they lose, all hope of love and beauty may be lost.

    Imagine that Adam and Eve not only refused to eat the forbidden fruit, but pestered God morning and night to tell them what to do so they would not displease God. Imagine they were given Books to follow so they would never anger God. Imagine if those Books were wrong.

    They've never done anything that wasn't in The Book. This Tuesday, God sent them on a quest. Now, they’re learning that not everything is in The Book.

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    They’re chasing a myth in the name of science.

    Calliope works for her explorer father as an artist, recording what he brings back from his journeys in her sketchbooks. When she’s given a chance to go along on a trip to capture a sea serpent she doesn’t hesitate.

    Life at sea isn't what she expected, and she ends up fascinated by the engine room of the steamship HMRV Peregrine. A tragedy makes her assistant engineer, but Pentam, her father’s protégé, is even more determined than her father to make Cal a fine lady. That means protecting her from danger, even if it drives her crazy.

    When science and legend collide, Cal is the one who must take up the challenge of survival, even if it means risking her new-found feelings for Pentam.

  • Generation Gap

    When age rules the country, it’s hard to be young.

    Trey runs away from the youth reserve, sure he’s no more than spare parts for a father he barely remembers. The Council of Elders has its own questions about the him. When Trey find the Underground and joins the fight to give rights back to the Youngers, he starts a chain of events beyond anyone’s control.

  • Playing on Yggdrasil

    Ten year old Justine has lived with the loss of her mother for two years. Even while she misses her Mom, she is discovering the gifts they share. When bullying at school makes Justine’s life miserable, she befriends a tree she calls Drasil. It isn’t fair that life causes so much pain for Justine, so her father is happy when she makes a friend, even when that friend is a tree. She tells stories of visiting a land where peace is valued above all else and hospitality is the
    primary virtue. Her father listens to her stories and marvels at how she changes, even as he wonders if her stories are true, or the fantasy of a lonely young girl.

    When the stories get darker and more dangerous, he worries that she is being hurt, even in this land of peace. He has no idea how much they will both be changed as they get caught up in the struggle between a people who believe in peace, and those who trust in war.

  • Princess of Boring

    Princess Annuetta is bored. Bored with her toys, bored with her kingdom. Nothing ever happens, except for her interrupting her father’s work with her complaints. She wants a monkey, but the servant girl, Sally, has a different solution.

  • Sarcasm is My Superpower

    Petunia Smith is a senior in High School. The good news is that she only has to survive one more year in the battleground of High School relationships. The bad news is that she is short, shapeless and the preferred target of the cheerleader captain.

    Petunia knows what she needs to do, but when Marilyn walks into their home room all bets are off. The only thing worse than being Marilyn in Punkie's Hounds High School, may be becoming Marilyn's friend, but Petunia doesn't let that stop her.

  • Sparkles and Blood, and other stories

    Sparkles and Blood is a collection of four horror stories.

    Frost and Stone: Siobhan accidentally releases evil into the world, now she must find the strength to defeat it.

    The Thing in the Hall: Wolf arrives at Rolph’s Hall to test himself against the Thing which invades and kills Rolph’s men. Yet facing the Thing may be the least of his challenges.

    Strange Carnivores: Something was eating the gators in the swamp. Bubba was going to help her get pictures of whatever it was. She didn’t expect vampires or carnivorous frogs.

    Sparkles and Blood: Martin is a special effects guy. He’s used to blood, but only when it is fake. Now something is hunting on the set of the newest smash vampire movie.

  • Spruce Bay

    Terror and madness wait to strike...

    Eager to start fresh, Leigh accepts a teaching job in the remote northern community of Spruce Bay. The fading mining community is rife with abandoned homes that breed a class of listless alcoholics and violent gangs. Resentment and hopelessness fill the cold air. Nevertheless, Leigh loves the town and the kids in her classes.

    Just as she begins believing everything will work out, she has a second psychotic break from reality. And another teacher is murdered ... that same night.

    Leigh remembers harsh, evil whispers and an ax. Nothing more.

    As the body count rises, Leigh and her husband become the last line of defence against an evil force that wants to destroy the town.

  • Tales of Light and Dark

    The Frog Prince, Snow White, Cinderella, everyone is familiar with these stories, but not the way they are told in this collection. What if the Frog Prince was really only a frog? Would it be so bad if Cinderella stayed past midnight? Snow White is staying in the woods with the dwarves, but these aren’t her grandmother’s dwarves. Read these tales and more.

  • The Belandria Tarot

    Not all devils come from Hell.

    Marriette wants to escape her father, accepting an arranged marriage to a cripple, never expecting to find someone she could love.

    Zeb is trapped in a weak human body. Forced to do the will of the mage who summoned him. The cost of his defiance is pain and destruction to all around him.

    She sets out to change the Kingdom. If the mage has his way, Zeb will destroy it.

  • The Gods Above

    Pranthi makes her living with her camera – it keeps her at a comfortable distance from the world. Pictures of the first person to go zombie give her a big scoop. The lens can’t protect her as more people are infected. As a former street kid from India, Pranthi knows she’s tough, but not tough enough to deal with zombies. As if she had a choice.

  • The Heronmaster

    The Heronmaster includes the title story, which is the tale of Leaper who grows from a tadpole to become a legend.

    Murder in the Woods is a noir style mystery with animals rather than people. Nick, a young wolf, is forced to seek out the answer to Bob the moose's disappearance.

    Sammy is a the story of a young man on a cruise with his new car, the elderly man he takes with him and a red balloon.

    Madison's Meteor tells the story of Frank Madison, a farmer outside of the town of Madison which has fallen on hard times with the closing of the plant - the main employer for the town. Frank finds a meteor one night and changes start in both him and the town.

  • The Unenchanted Princess

    The Unenchanted Princess is the tale of a princess born without an enchantment in a magic land where all royalty is surrounded by enchantment. Alexandra refuses to give in to her parents' schemes to find her an enchantment or marry her off to someone willing to overlook her lack. She runs away to escape, but soon learns she is at the heart of a struggle to control the Magic Lands.

    Together with the Frog Prince, a Prince Charming who is turned into a crow and a young woman from a land where magic is forbidden, she must learn how to defeat her enemy and dispel the last enchantment.

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