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Ariel Slick


Ariel Slick writes original fiction including short stories, novels, and memoirs to spread the joy of imagination and creativity. She also helps clients achieve their fiction writing goals with her ghostwriting skills on and

Although she has worked as a freelancer for three years, she has been dedicated to the craft all her life. Her fiction focuses on themes of love, justice, and magic, and her most popular works include romance and fantasy romance.

  • Confessions of an Exotic Dancing Librarian

    Everyone loves to watch a slow-moving train wreck. That’s what happens when Ariel, librarian, book lover, and full-time geek, decides to work as an exotic dancer. When she loses her job as a bank teller, she needs a way to earn some extra cash - and fast. Driven by curiosity - just how hard could this stripping thing be? - she decides to sign up at a local club. There’s just one thing: she doesn’t tell her boyfriend about it.

    Diving into the world of exotic dancing, she has to navigate the murky moral waters of taking off her clothes for money. From wild champagne parties to private shows with high-rolling customers, she will start raking in the money...until the cost becomes too high.

  • The King and His Sea

    Rory the merman wants just one thing in this life: to become a good king and lead his tribe of mer-people who live in the ocean, but when a mysterious illness strikes and mermaids start dying, he begins to investigate why, and who is behind it.

    When he discovers that it is humans who are dumping toxic waste into the water, he is spurred by tragedy to go ashore and speak with the human king himself. When he makes a deal with the evil Sea Warlock, he receives a magic spell to turn him human for seven days.

    There’s just one catch: he must kill a human. That will be pretty difficult to do considering he just fell in love with the king’s daughter...

  • Valiant

    What would make a girl, terrified of everything, go into the woods? Knights chasing after her, for starters. All Elaine wants is to stay in her small village forever, baking bread with her family. All that changes when she discovers that she is one of seven girls with the gift of magic. Elaine must leave behind her family and flee into the deep, dark woods where anything and everything can happen. Only guided by a talking fox, who may not be who he says on the surface, Elaine battles thieves, murderous plants, and magical creatures of all sorts. She will discover her powers and why they matter: to dethrone the evil king. Will she be brave enough to embrace her powers?

eGlobal Creative Publishing Inc. is an e-publishing company based in Western New York. We operate a growing original English-language publishing program which partners with online platforms to bring authors’ works to domestic and international audiences.

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