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Ava Altair


Ava Altair grew up reading fantasy and science fiction novels. She graduated from Florida Tech with a BS in Science Education – Physics and a minor in Computational Mathematics. She taught as an AP Physics teacher for five years in Florida. She now lives in Oregon, teaching horseback riding lessons and managing the stables with her mom. She enjoys hanging out and talking about science concepts and story ideas with her dad.

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    Kira Hatfield, the unluckiest woman in the world, is about to get dropped into the realm of the strange and weird. While running from her fear of the dark, Kira literally trips over her best friend’s murder, except it’s not a person, it’s the darkness itself. Kira battles between what she saw and her perception of reality. Slowly, the world around her starts to change pulling her deeper into this unseen world. She finds out she has two guardians that have saved her life many times, one a demon and one an angel. Tensions rise as her guardians fight over her, but everything is not as it seems. Together they help her realize her true nature while she finds a way to save her best friend.

  • FLUX

    What it is to be human doesn't apply anymore. The surface of the Earth has been poisoned by years of abuse and now most life lives beneath the waves of the ocean. Over the last 500 years, humans have become fragmented and specialized by genetic manipulation, but two main factions exist in the Undersea. The hybrids, a race that continues to genetically modify themselves to climb the social ladder, and the humans, the unmodified organic race that makes up the lowest tier of society.

    Alex, a Delta Six hybrid, finds an unlikely companion in a human man, Jack, while on a mission to steal the Athena file. Alex withholds the file to elicit help from Jack and they set out on an adventure across the Surface. Their relationship is tenuous until a device mysteriously links them together. Now, running from Alphas, an elite group of hybrid assassins, Alex and Jack must weather the hostile surface of the planet to reach their common goal. They soon find they can't both have the thing they want most, but also can't seem to let each other go.

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