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Chris Redding


Chris Redding is a published author and has been a ghostwriter for a decade. She’s written more than 40 novels and novellas and most of them debuted in the top twenty for their categories on Amazon. She graduated from Penn State with a degree in journalism. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys teaching writing workshops, hiking and reading, of course. Her specialty is romance, but she’s also ghostwritten thrillers, cozy mysteries and women’s fiction.

  • Behr Brothers

    Sebastian must find his mate or be exiled from the den. Caleb's fated mate is a single mom? Wyatt couldn't make it work with his mate. What are three bear shifter brothers to do when they can't find love?

  • Available on the AnyStories app.

    Blonde Demolition

    What if you’ve made a safe, easy life for yourself but your dangerous past has caught up with you?
    Mallory Sage, a former investigator with Homeland Security, has a home she loves, friends and is very important in the local volunteer fire company. Her life is secure and she is liked by everyone around her.
    When she discovers a bomb at her firehouse she realizes her past is about to make a reappearance.

    What if you had a second chance to fix the biggest mistake of your life? Trey McCrane, currently with Homeland Security, let the only woman he ever loved and the best partner he had, leave him. He never knew why and angry with her, he never followed her.

    But now he needs her for a case, the last case they did together that has now be reopened. The case that he feels tore them apart. Can he get her to believe he is a forever kind of guy?

  • Available on the AnyStories app.

    Corpse Whisperer

    She has to solve a murder that hasn't happened yet.

    A paramedic who can talk to dead people to crack their murders will lose her power on her rapidly approaching 30th birthday. She has one more crime to figure out before that can happen.

  • Gargoyles in Uniform

    Five gargoyles own a pop-up nightclub. Each must defeat a goblin, but can only do that with the fairy that they are fated to be with. Too bad none of those women know they are fairies. Can the magic of yore be recaptured before the goblins rule the Earth?

  • When Gargoyles Love

    Born in a time when magic ruled the Earth.

    Gargoyles protected fairies from goblins. The brothers were part of a group of elite gargoyles who were assigned to protect a specific fairy. Their father’s dereliction of that duty cursed his sons to become stone and wait.

    Now reawakened in the twenty first century where no one believes in magic how are they going to convince their fairies that they are one and that they are in danger from a goblin?

    They must do that without falling in love with her.

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