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D'Elen McClain


  • Available on the AnyStories app.

    Fire Chronicles

    Dragons, a curse, feisty women and spicy adventure in another world. Add heartache, love and undeniable courage and then you’ll know you’re in the land of Dragon Fire Chronicles. Get ready to laugh and cry and be carried away.

  • Available on the AnyStories app.

    The Fang Chronicles

    Vampires and wereanimals secretly live among us and a paranormal war between vampire clans and shifters is on the horizon. Wereani-mals, led by one vampire who gives them eternal life through repeated feedings, hate their sworn enemy the catshifters. The cat and wolfshifters have been at war since Marcus, the leader of the South-west wolf pack, changed his lover, Victoria, to vampire against her will. Victoria leads the enemy and she wants Marcus and everyone he loves, dead.

    Join the vampires, wolves, cats, and bearshifters of Fang Chronicles for a high adventure fight to the bitter end with a chance of everlasting love along the way.

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