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Stories have incredible power. It took me a long time to finally realize this. Stories impact so much of our lives. Families tell stories at the dinner table to feel more connected, salesmen tell stories to convince you their product is worth buying, interviewers ask the question, "tell me about yourself" because they want to hear a story compelling enough to persuade them you're the right man or woman for the job. Stories are at the foundation of our faith, whether it be in a more traditional religion or a non-theistic belief. We follow the stories we find most convincing, and we'e motivated by the stories that speak to our hearts.

There is no limit to what a well-written story can do.

Why am I telling you this?

Because the why is more important than the how. Chances are, when you started reading this book you weren't looking for an author, you were looking for a good story. So I could ramble on about my background in music, data analytics, ministry, and how it all led me to becoming an author, but at the end of the day, what matters more? How I became an author or why I am an author?

I tell stories because stories have power. And I'd like to use that power to make a difference in the world. But if I can't reach the whole world, I'd like to at least reach yours, if you'd let me.

States & Stories: I traveled all over the states by train, car, and flight, for over 4 years, and I was writing the Emerson Chronicles the entire time. It was an awesome experience because my characters got to experience new places at the same time I was, and what they experienced in the different cities was highly influenced by what I experienced. If you'd like to see a photo gallery from my trip, head over to my website ( and click the blog. I included brief descriptions of how each city specifically influenced the cities and landscape in different parts of Yutara.

  • The Emerson Chronicles

    A witch’s most powerful tool isn’t magic, it’s deception.

    Since witches only exist in fairy tales, Ace Halder never put much thought into the matter. But when he discovers a mysterious stone on his grandfather’s ancient Earth ship, he’s forced to confront the lies he was raised to believe.

    Not only are they real, they’re taking over the world one wicked deed at a time. Now only one thing can stop them. The Emerson Stone.

    Ace is faced with a choice. Run and hide? Or risk everything at one last chance to save Yutara.


    "Reminiscent of the Pendragon and Chronicles of Narnia series, this is a story brimming with vibrant, otherworldly scenery, an intriguing take on magic and witches, and an adventure filled with twists and turns that you can’t help but be pulled in by."

    Filled with magic unheard of and vibrant new worlds, The Emerson Chronicles: The Elyrian, is an action-packed fantasy adventure, perfect for fans of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings or Patrick Rothfuss’ "The Name of the Wind" Fans of coming-of-age fantasy will be immersed in this epic and perilous adventure from the first page!

eGlobal Creative Publishing Inc. is an e-publishing company based in Western New York. We operate a growing original English-language publishing program which partners with online platforms to bring authors’ works to domestic and international audiences.

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