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Debbie Renner


My love of science fiction developed at an early age thanks to popular TV series such as Star Trek, Space 1999 and Lost in Space, plus books like The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Phantom Tollbooth and Alice in Wonderland. I love action series like '24' and the hugely popular Star Gate SGC.

"Independence Day" is one of my favorite flicks because of its blending of strong characters, brilliant script, humor & ACTION! Another that comes to mind is "Evolution" starring David Duchovny.

I remember the days when there were no restrictions and my late father took me to see 2001: A Space Odyssey when I was 6 years old. I was absolutely terrified. I remember the mustery smell in the theatre in Wellington and had nightmares for weeks after. That experience had a definite impact on my brain today. If I can get scared, I want to relate that to others, badly.

I am a late bloomer as I never really thought about writing, being such a visual person. However, when I moved to Australia, lightening struck one humid evening in November 2005. Odyssey Bourne Force began life as a two page hand scribbled essay, and then decided to grow arms, legs and a personality in the process. And that process is still developing. Where it stops nobody knows.

I have scores of unfinished manuscripts of novels, short stories, poems and lyrics stashed away in cyberspace, ready to one day face a brave new world.

  • Odyssey Bourne Force

    Until turning forty, Kate Willard’s life was predictable, organised and lonely. Then, unexplainable visions and dreams threaten her sanity. Believing she is going crazy, she desperately searches for answers.

    Upon the discovery of a bloodstone, crude mental powers unlock inside her and lucid dreams guide her to Divisions — an extreme covert organization running a secret project; the Odyssey Bourne Force — so secretive, they deny their existence. Divisions possess an ancient stone portal, allowing for extraterrestrial exploration.

    Kate reluctantly joins Divisions and falls in love with OBF team member Doctor Peter Reynolds, a brilliant archaeologist who excavated the stone portal in Egypt. Amongst his collection of artefacts is a second, identical bloodstone, which increases her powers. Together, they learn she is a reincarnation of an unknown ancient queen who somehow saved humanity from extermination six thousand years ago. Though this amazing feat resulted in a tragic price.

    It seems the imperfect reincarnation process has left Kate with harrowing and disjointed memories hiding the vital truth.

    Unwittingly, Kate’s connection with the bloodstones has alerted the immortal ex-god Kalvich; Supreme Ruler of the evil Trimadian hybrid race, to assign a mission to his most trusted friend and second in command — the fearful Lord Talokta. He is to fetch, protect and deliver at all costs, this valuable cargo, including the bloodstones to Heliostronus, the Trimadian home planet.

    Meantime, Kate's new role as part of the OBF team has made her life exciting and finally she feels she has found true purpose. Nothing prepares her for what is about to happen when during her first off-world mission she and her team are kidnapped by Talokta’s fleet, and escape is impossible. Her journey to Heliostronus is fraught with life changing events that open Kate’s eyes up to just how vulnerable and fragile humanity is. She learns an Alchemist from her past life can give her all the answers when she reaches her destination.

    While Kate is exposed to mind bending techno-sorcery and subliminal manipulation, her teammates are facing death, or worse — enslavement inside the dreaded mines of Heliostronus. Another challenge she is facing is surviving a future in a civilization where females are second rate.

    Everything seems reliant on Kate - but who can Kate rely on?

    The OBF team finally snatch Kate away from Kalvich to make a daring escape back to Earth to warn their superiors. In the last minute they are caught, as Kate ultimately betrays them.

    She has come home.

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