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Derrick R. Lafayette


I've been published in such publications as Suspense Magazine, Lycan Valley Press, The Fictional Cafe, Drunk Monkeys, Red Fez and others. I've currently self published three novels. I plan to release more shorts and novels.

Honestly, I'm just a wisp of smoke gliding across the astral plane, purposely creating thoughtful stories to keep you up at night.

  • Ashovania's Demon

    In the year 814, the country of Ashovania is reaching a tipping point in a 100- year civil war. Both factions, Avalon, and Alastair, are battling over the illustrious and mysterious Arcane Rune, which is said to bring prosperity to the soil of the planet. However, things go wrong when the king of Avalon is killed, and his son gains control of the kingdom. He is unfit to helm the war, almost dooming Avalon completely.  Not to mention that he's been suffering from hallucinations of a demon. The story revolves around several people in the country, their connection with the rune, and the explanation of what the demon actually is.

  • God Wants All of Us

    When Dimitri Davenport decides to go to a meeting to gather with his favorite conspiracy group things take a dark turn. He finds himself brainwashed, and transformed into a pawn for the infamous Black Horse. Only to discover, not just their deadly plan, but who he actually is, in this tale of survival.

  • Red Chamber

    All of humanity resides on Saturn’s rings known as Lustrous Utopia I, ruled by the diplomatic High Priestess. The top quadrant of the planet is reserved for prisons, where Titan reigns as the most dangerous of all. After being betrayed by his partner Darius, Lex finds himself sentenced to life on Titan for a crime he didn’t commit. His family life destroyed, never to see his wife or his daughter Halo again. Once you enter the Red will never escape.

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