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Garret Patrick McCorkle


Garrett Patrick McCorkle is an American romance novelist. He is originally from New Castle Indiana and now lives between Charleston South Carolina and New Orleans Louisiana. The writing bug hit Garrett almost fifteen years ago when he met a local science fiction writer that challenged him to start writing. He worked on several ideas over the years, developing his craft and storylines and he now has several completed works to his name with his most recent novel, Lost Sunrise in 2019. Garrett has two other novels set for release in 2020 and 2021. His next novel, Spot is due out in August of 2020.

When Garrett isn’t writing these days, he can be found working with his clients where he manages a successful consulting business. If Garrett isn’t spending time writing or working with his clients, he enjoys hiking, camping, and fishing.

  • Lost Sunrise

    World War II ended over four years ago for Joe Martinson and when he returned home to his little Indiana town and his work at the paper as a photographer, he hoped to forget the past and move on, but if you ask his father Henry, Joe never really moved on and all he does is hide from the world behind the lens of his camera.

    Joe is convinced he can exist in his quiet, uncomplicated life, burying the memory of all he faced, that is until he comes face to face with Elizabeth Thompson, his one true love from long ago. In an instance Joe is confronted with the idea of a second chance…and could it really be possible?

    At a time when Joe and Elizabeth are lost in a world that seems to be changing before their eyes, they come face to face with their past, and the possibility of a future they never imagined. As they rekindle their love affair, Elizabeth teaches Joe to confront the ghosts of war. She helps him find a life that was almost lost to him, but she also helps him tell his story, their story, which will forever change both of their lives.

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