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M. Clover


My pen name is M. Clover and I love writing action and adventure! I'm NC born and raised and studied English and Anthropology. This was my first time writing romance and I hope people enjoyed my work. For more of my article pieces you can visit! I plan to do a lot more projects in the future and hope people enjoy them!

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    "You're a mafia boss," she uttered as he pulled her closer.
    "Yup, boss of the Toffee Boys. Problem?" He said, still tasting her skin. He had a strong hold on her waist and back as his lips grazed the sensitive areas of her chest. She pushed him down on the bed and gave him a deep kiss.
    "Not at all," she panted. After his clothes were fully off, she let him enter and leaned back. In all of the ecstasy, James almost missed the tattoo on Penelope's lower hip, a small girl holding a honey stick. On top of her head was the exact same black crown.
    "F*ck," he thought before his mind fell back into bliss.
    James Brooks is having another good day running his candy shop and gang in 1920's London. That is, until the new girl, Penelope Eve, puts a shop and her gang on his turf.
    After they get more than personal with each other, Penelope tries to cut ties with James as they compete in the sugar trials to win territory around the world by having the best product.
    But can they stay apart? It seems that way when James starts courting Penelope's worst enemy, Beatrice Wells. Will they come together, or will Beatrice and the world of gangs tear them apart?

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