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Mario Brash


Reader, Writer, Coffee enthusiast, and huge nerd of many things.

The best thing about me is my reader's because I am nothing without them. Ready my books? Have a comment or question? I respond as soon as I can. If I'm not writing, I'm active and drinking coffee. I can talk about writing and fandoms all day, and it can get pretty ridiculous.

  • Hacking the Sun

    Jessica Leibniz tried to be a normal teenager, but unlike most teenagers in the 22nd century, she can tell time without a clock. She wears a watch, nevertheless, but it comes with incriminating A.I. software. It's part of a fashion sense that involves 1980's nostalgia, geekism, and rebellion. Otherwise, you have a normal nineteen-year-old girl who delivers pizza and tacos by day and hacks cybersecurity networks by night. Everything else is unremarkable in a future where aliens rule the planet.

    After alien colonization in the 21st century, which could have ended more violently, earth has become relatively peaceful and technologically efficient, so they say. Corporations still reign supreme, except a new species sits at the top of the social ladder. Azareans they call them, overlords who've constructed a new kind of city in the web of planetwide sprawl. Eden: a modern megapolis.

    Jessica has learned to embrace the Eden and its challenges. Without a cause, she confides in her three friends or smacks into boredom. But when she seamlessly cracks an uncrackable security algorithm, nothing makes sense, and boredom gives way to danger. Hacker life takes to the streets, and beyond, in a desperate flight from the world's most powerful corporation. Faced with conspiracy, tragedy, and a new life on the run, normal was never an option.

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