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Miel Hontucan


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    Ransang Chronicles

    Who is the rightful ruler of Ransang?

    Book1: The General's Wife
    The only daughter of Ransang’s President, countryside-bred Natalia Averona was arranged to marry the Capital’s General, General Randall Ferrer. This was to protect her from those who attempted to kill her when she and her mother almost burned to death from a fire believed to have been perpetrated by the Gionite Tribe.

    Kept away from the public, she frequently sneaks out with her maidservant, Runi, and her childhood military officer friend, Lieutenant Marcial, to have fun that usually create rifts between her and the General’s domineering attitude.

    Everything changed when under odd circumstances, she learned of her glorious past where she might be the only one who could stop another looming Civil War between two ethnicities lead by two significant men in her life.

    Book 2: The Gionite Queen
    Queen Kulintang/Natalia's reign as Ransang's Head of State has been threatened with an assassination attempt and an abduction of the daughter of one of Ransang's tribal chieftains.

    Aside from this, she and her husband, General Randall Ferrer, must satisfy their obligation to the throne by producing an heir.

    Book 3: One True Heir
    The succession of Prince Sinag as the next Head of State has been threatened by a claimant to Ransang's throne. According to the claimant, he is the first son of the last Gionite royal family.

    Aside from a claimant to the throne, Prince Sinag must also balance his obligations as a future reigning monarch and as a lover to a beautiful but unfavored heiress who sought him for help in claiming her fortune.

    Will he choose to rule or abdicate his right to the throne? Will he marry an intended noble lady for him or will he fight for his beautiful heiress to be his future Queen?

  • Wrenchplains High School Series

    Book 1: Freshman Hailey
    Pensive and wide-eyed Hailey Madrigal thinks that being a freshman in high school will finally earn her some respect in her family.

    But it isn't easy overcoming insecurities and gaining confidence when she is constantly compared to her popular and talented brothers who also go to the same high school as her.

    She meets Stephen Cutler, a British freshman, who instantly became the apple of her eye with his green eyes and thick English accent. He is perfect--well except that he's the High School Queen Bee's boyfriend.
    Together they go through the toughest year in high school as freshmen with disciplinary reports, Algebra, love triangles, friendship break-ups, Queen Bees, and falling in love for the first time.

    Book 2: Sophie Elaine
    Elaine Perez's life has been turned upside down when Dana Ferrer, the school's Queen Bee, crashed her car at her lawn.

    One thing lead to another and the next thing they knew-they're going to be stepsisters! This was because their single parents turned out to have been high school sweethearts who rekindled their romance after the accident.

    With their personalities clashing, they must find a way to live with each other even if they are both falling in love for the Boy-Next-Door and as well as Elaine getting the part as the lead as the Ibong Adarna (Dana's most-coveted role) in the school's traditional role play, Ang Ibong Adarna.

    Book 3: Junior Christine
    As an active member of the Young Volunteers Club, Christine Peralta was chosen to represent Wrenchplains High School in the town's Beauty Pageant. The problem is, well, she detests beauty pageants!
    But because the pageant promises a scholarship to college if she wins and a chance to raise awareness for coastal clean-up , she becomes motivated to the point to even asking Dana Ferrer to mentor her.

    Aside from balancing her time with her volunteer works, academics, friendships, and preparation for the beauty pageant, she must also support her boyfriend, Corey Madrigal, in joining a national singing competition and who might just make the toughest decision in his life.

    Book 4: Senior Trio
    Recovering from her big break-up, Hailey Madrigal is setting her eye to moving out of town for preparatory college but not without her mother's pleas to stay closer to home. But the course of her love life and the results of her college applications exceed her expectations in the end.

    Elaine Trancy doesn't know what to do after high school, so she travels all over town and talked to strangers for advice. But will she listen to people's advice or will she follow her own's life path?

    Christine Peralta became an instant celebrity for dating Corey Madrigal, her successful musician boyfriend who dropped out of high school.

    She was also able to taste the glamourous life too as a Beauty Queen by becoming a celebrity in her own right. But is it really the life she wants after high school?

    Join Hailey, Elaine, and Christine in their senior year in navigating life in the last year of high school before they move out of town to find their own places in the world.

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