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Monkey Princess


Monkey Princess is an eGlobal Boot Camp author.

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    The Amulet of Seven Destinies

    As an undistinguished cultivator, Ashur’s future looks dismal. When he gains the opportunity to learn a powerful and unique form of cultivation, he leaves his home and travels to the beautiful land of Etheria.

    From a collection of treasures, he chooses a simple amulet that unlocks his true potential with the help of a wise master whose spirit resides within the magical object. But after a deadly misunderstanding, Ashur is forced to flee and live a life of on the run.

    While battling dangerous monsters and fearsome enemies with the help of friends and allies, Ashur will realize the true scope of his destiny.
    “No!” Dalun disagreed outright. “If Iacchus lost a duel, he should die honorably, not live a life of shame and humiliation! This is an insult to our clan!”

    Overhearing their conversation, the stranger shrugged her shoulders and said nonchalantly, “Then I have no choice but to kill him then…”

    “Wait!” Ashur, who had been remaining silent all this while, suddenly interrupted her.

    Everyone turned to him as if he had gone crazy. What could he possibly want to say?

    “Let me take his place,” Ashur said confidently.

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