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N.R. Burnette


N.R. Burnette was born in Port Angeles, Washington, where he grew up. At age fifteen he traveled with a drum and bugle corps across the United States, gaining his first experiences of the world. After high school he joined the US Marines, and received the Navy Achievement Medal for his work in designing a field show. His first book, Cargo Lock 5, was conceived in a small hotel room while traveling through Germany at age 31. In 2013 he released the Paphos series, a well received SF survival thriller. He made a switch to game design where he released Wolf Balls, and is now back to writing. His six kids think it is pretty cool that he can prop his television up with a book that he wrote. Most people don't get to say that about themselves.

  • Cargo Lock 5

    Amid New Seattle City's post-war recovery, Detective Taylor, a self-absorbed man on his way to the top, is hurled into a spree of bizarre murders. Despite his best efforts the city boils in chaos while a mysterious killer strikes at will. In his rise to the top, Taylor discovers a terrible secret that the city's most powerful men will do anything to keep hidden. Cargo Lock 5 is a science fiction crime thriller that blends lost technologies with the corruption of man to deliver a new chapter in the genre fiction experience.

  • Genetically Modified

    The world was unstable when hellhounds attacked and began annihilating humans. That instability was our undoing. Now the United States has a new government that may be more corrupt then the former one.

    We only won the first fight because Shadow Warriors came to our rescue. An alien race, hiding among us for centuries, they saved humanity and then humans betrayed them.

    Now the hellhounds are back and one woman holds the fate of the world on her shoulders.

    Her name is Marinah.

    King, leader of the Shadow Warriors, wants humans dead. He doesn’t care that the woman the Federation sent is doing something to his internal beast. Even though killing a woman is not
    something he wants, as leader, he may have no choice.

    Enter a world of hellhounds, monsters, and evil as two unlikely people discover that love may hold more answers than war.

  • Kenji

    On the day Kenji was born, he doomed his world for destruction.

    As a helpless baby, drenched in the blood of his goddess mother, Kenji is hidden across worlds and abandoned on the cold steps of the Seattle Fire Department, with a prayer that he never returns.

    When Kenji meets Sakura, a mysterious woman he knows nothing about, he falls helplessly in love. But the Oni, a shunned and curious entity from Kenji's world, finds Kenji once he is grown and brings him home against his will. It is an ancient, feudal dimension. Kenji awakens in a long forgotten city, buried completely underground, and guarded by a cursed creature.

    Kenji's destiny at last begins to unfold as he escapes the forgotten city and finds himself quickly in battle. Powers and insights that are new to him emerge, feeling completely natural, as if every cell in his body yearns for the chaos of warfare. Powerful and destructive, he struggles to remember the teachings of his father back on Earth, teachings about honor and self-control.

    Time is not on his side as Kenji's journey rips him from one battle to another, moving him closer to the greatest battle ever to take place--against a chaos god that has ruled for a thousand years. Kenji must face his true father, Gojun, and defeat him if he ever hopes to be with Sakura again.

    Kenji's love for Sakura compels him, but can he find a way to deny his growing chaos powers? Or will he succumb to his destiny as a god of war?

    From best selling kindle books author N.R. Burnette, the Author of Cargo Lock 5 and the Paphos series, KENJI is a new fantasy novel about the will of a man versus his fate as a god.

  • Paphos Series

    When Austin brought his daughter to the unexplored planet Paphos, it was supposed to be a chance to reconnect with her. But when he and his crew of scientists discover an alien facility, all of that changes. Eager to become rich, the crew ventures in, surrounded by the remnants of an alien massacre. By the time they realize that something is there with them, it is already too late. Now Austin isn't worried about reconnecting with his daughter, he's worried about keeping her alive.

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