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Pierre Dimaculangan


Pierre Dimaculangan is a digital artist, designer, and author of Trials of the Middle Kingdom series. He was born in Manila and grew up in Queens, New York. He’s a lover of world history and Chinese culture and civilization. He loves to read, conquer story-driven video games, play drums, and practice Muay Thai and Parkour. He’s currently pursuing a master’s in history at Harvard University Extension School.

  • Trials of the Middle Kingdom

    Follow the story of a legendary wandering swordsman and a political cabal of vigilantes known
    as the Martial Scholars as they investigate the maritime arrival of a mysterious nonhuman
    military force. A thorough investigation reveals the truth about their agenda as well as a
    conspiracy against the emperor and the entire Ming Empire. Through careful planning and
    utilization of their deep network, they succeed in warning the emperor who then prepares the
    nation for the possibility of war. First however, he must quell the Underworld where rebel
    groups and secret societies have risen against him, and conspire with the nonhuman foreigners to
    create a new world order. Together with a motley crew of misfits, the legendary swordsman
    ventures into the Underworld to discover the deeper plans of the enemy. His new friend, an
    enigmatic sage, insists that the real battle is, in fact, a spiritual one, and that victory lies only
    through following the will of Heaven.

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