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Trevor Shane


Trevor Shane is the author of the Children of Paranoia series which has been published in six languages and which has been in development Hell in Hollywood since its publication. He is also the author of the aware-nominated novel The Memory Detective and its sequel, The Murderer’s Memories, both published under the name T.S. Nichols. He tries to write exciting books that will make both his readers’ hearts and minds race.

Before venturing into this writing career, Trevor went to law school at Georgetown University after getting his undergraduate degree in Religions Studies at Columbia University. Trevor lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and two very energetic children.

  • List of Fears

    What would you do if God asked you to help destroy the world and everyone in it? Would you help or would you take a stand?

    After the death of a child and the collapse of a marriage, Jim is surviving as a private detective in Los Angeles when he gets a peculiar phone call that upends his life. A rich movie producer wants to hire him to find a gorilla that has been kidnapped from the San Diego Zoo. Jim follows the trail of clues, including the business card of a mysterious gypsy fortune teller, deep into the dark abandoned subway tunnels beneath New York City. At least Jim thought they were abandoned and not the home of a strange collection of outcasts prepping for the end of the world.

    Meanwhile, a young boy secretly keeps a list of his fears in his closet, adding fears and crossing them off as he grows older. Alone near the top of the list stands a single word that has never been crossed off: “God”.

    List of Fears, a novel by Trevor Shane, is a darkly relevant, heart pounding adventure that will keep you up at night and make you ask yourself questions that you may not be ready to answer.

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