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Stacey E. Haught


A florida native Stacey E. Haught was born into a family of Storytellers. Her grandfather a filmographer for National Geographic, and her Father a Ringmaster/Gospel Singer, Stacey was raised at the feet of creative souls. When it became her turn Stacey turned to the silver screen and stage finding her home in the studio where she spent fourteen years of her career teaching the young stars of tomorrow the art of film and stage acting. Her husband Philip suffering a life altering injury resulting in her retiring from her career catapulted her into her next phase of her evolution. Four years later in the middle of a global pandemic Stacey found herself tightly in the grasp of anxiety and panic and turned to telling stories in a completely different way. In twenty-twenty Stacey started writing stories, and hasn't stopped sense. Joining the eGlobal family publishing her first serial romance under her pen name Anastasia O'Hare followed by her first of her back-log manuscripts.

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