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Danae Ayusso


Danae Ayusso is a jack-of-all-genres author hailing from the beautiful Pacific Northwest where she lives with her musically gifted husband and their two boys that take after both of their creative parents. The naturally creative and gifted wordsmith has high functioning Asperger’s Syndrome and Erythropoietic Protoporphyria, which left her in a darkened physical world and overly creative world in her head from the time of childhood. Eventually, she was able to put into words those creative voices in her head and started a passionate, and colorful, literary journey that has spanned millions of words and dozens of manuscripts.

Danae has been writing for over 13 years and has written over 40 books and keyed more than 100 million words in a wide variety of genres. She started as a featured author on the original Wattpad platform before starting her own indie imprint in 2009 called Geeks on Ink Publishing with other likeminded and genre-bending authors and artists, and freelance editors. The Wattpad platform helped create a dedicated fan base that spans the globe, called The Corrupted, that has continued to grow through word of mouth.

Currently Danae is working on converting books to scripts and submitting them to production houses, finishing up her current projects, and focusing on perusing traditional publishing for select series and projects in her catalog.

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    Catching Rain

    Very few people know Seon Rain, but everyone knows Myo Mi-Sun—the stage name she uses as a superstar film and TV actress, who has stolen the heart of the nation by playing the sweet-hearted girl next door. But fame can bring unwanted attention, and when Rain’s apartment burns down and police suspect foul play, her manager decides to hire a world-glass bodyguard.

    Kita Yasuhiro is a highly-trained bodyguard with a strict code of honor. Despite his flawless skills, his failure at a previous job has brought shame onto his name. Little as Kita wants to deal with a bratty young woman, he has no choice but to take this job.

    Their meeting becomes exciting when Rain trips and almost falls down the stairs, Kita catching her just in time. Tall, handsome, well-dressed . . . To Rain, it is one of those moments that she has played out on television so many times over the years: the perfect man running into her when she least expects it, but when she needs him most. Out of habit from her acting experience, she puckers her lips, readying for a kiss.

    The man gives her a look of disgust and leans back, dropping her on her rear.

    Rain screams in frustration!

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