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Exclusive Publishing

We offer exclusive contracts for new fiction novel and graphic novel/comic manuscripts that show serious promise for online publication. Exclusive novels receive focused feedback and promotion, as we strive to ensure that they reach the largest audience possible.  The genres we are particularly interested in are romance, fantasy, and science fiction.

Authors may submit samples of unfinished works, along with their plans for continuation, for exclusive review. Exclusive offers are made solely at the discretion of our editorial and management teams.

Authors who publish with us on an exclusive basis join our eGlobal Author Community. Among many other perks, are invited to attend our biweekly Writer's Salon, a discussion series centered on helping writers hone their craft.

Exclusive novels and comics must be original works with no prior publication history.

Novels should be a minimum of 50,000 words in length and 50 chapters. The ideal candidate will be significantly longer. Graphic novels and comics should be over 80 chapters in length, with each chapter containing at least 12 pages (graphic novels) or 36-45 panels (strip comics).

Please submit all inquiries to

Requirements For Novel Samples Include:

Requirements For Comic Samples Include:

  • First ten chapters (10,000 words) or more
  • Approximate planned word count and chapter count for the finished product.
  • Brief synopsis, outline, or other summary plan for the novel
  • First ten chapters or more
  • Approximate planned chapter count and typical chapter length for the finished product.
  • Brief synopsis, outline, or other summary plan for the storyline.
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