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Have you written a Fantasy novel?

Have you written a Fantasy novel?

January 21, 2022

"Fantasy" is a pretty broad genre, isn't it?

By definition, it encompasses all fiction that isn't set in the regular, real world as we know it. In reality, though, most fans of "fantasy fiction" have a more specific image in mind of what they like. But they're not all the same image.

Swords and castles, magical powers, cultivation, alternate universes - the tropes and trends of fantasy fiction vary wildly over time and across different media and markets. And, in our fast-paced digital world, what makes for a successful fantasy novel is changing faster than ever.

Of course, the beating heart of the fantasy genre isn't conforming to trends - it's innovation. That's the point, isn't it - imagining something different, something new? That being said, successful Fantasy writers know how to use familiar tropes and popular story structures to invite readers in and craft a story with a wide reach.

Do you have a fantasy novel you've written that you're trying to get published? Or maybe you've already published it, but haven't been able to find interested readers? If so, we'd encourage you to consider serial online fiction!

Many writers are curious about experimenting with serialization, but hesitant to go all-in in case their book doesn't catch on in this market. In such cases, eGlobal Creative offers the option of non-exclusive publishing.

Under these terms, we will publish your book wide across our partner platforms, but you retain the rights to keep publishing elsewhere (traditional e-book platforms, print, etc.) and doing pretty much anything you want with the book on your own. Non-exclusive titles do not get as many perks as exclusive ones, but they are a great option for writers seeking to explore this field while maintaining flexibility in their overall publishing and marketing strategy!

At this point in time, we have a special call out for non-exclusive titles in Fantasy and Fantasy Romance. Fantasy-adjacent science fiction will also be considered relevant. (We also still accept inquiries in non-Fantasy Romance as usual.) Want to see if your book might be a good fit? Reach out to us at!

And check out our latest non-exclusive releases below!

Call for action/adventure writers!

Call for action/adventure writers!

January 14, 2022

We know, we know . . . we talk a lot about Romance!

But did you know that eGlobal also works with authors in Fantasy/Sci-Fi?

We are currently looking for story proposals focused on action and adventure from aspiring authors. Those selected will participate in our Author Boot Camp and get their novel published!

A competitive candidate is someone who is open-minded, interested in digital/web-novel fiction, and seeking commercial success. The stories we accept will be those that match the current trends and interests of web-novel audiences. They should generally be action-packed, fun, and accessible stories with a broad appeal.

Want to submit? Email!

Plan on finally writing that novel this year?

Plan on finally writing that novel this year?

January 7, 2022

We can help you achieve your goal!

eGlobal currently has a call out for writers to join our Author Boot Camp! The Boot Camp is a program designed to help aspiring authors complete their first novel and get published through online novel platforms. Many experienced print and e-book authors have also found the boot camp to be a great way to learn the ropes of serial web-novel publishing and to break into this lucrative new market!

We are currently open to applicants interested in writing Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, and Fantasy. To apply, please email a cover letter and writing sample (at least 1,000 words of prose fiction) to

To learn more about this opportunity, please check out our website.

More of a reader? Check out our two latest Romance releases below!

Happy New Year's from eGlobal!

Happy New Year's from eGlobal!

December 30, 2021

Happy New Year's from eGlobal!

Our team at eGlobal Creative Publishing would like to wish all our writers and fans a happy new year!

This was a big year for eGlobal. We saw tremendous growth in our boot camp program, releasing 80 stellar new eGlobal originals. In addition, we expanded our outreach and partnered with new authors to release over 200 new non-exclusive titles. We are so proud of all our authors and grateful for the passion, dedication, and curiosity they bring!

In addition, our education program provided myriad opportunities for aspiring writers to learn about the web-novel industry. We released two creative writing courses on Udemy, guides for writing Fantasy and Romance novels, respectively. Both courses have received strong positive feedback and helped over 300 students pursue their goals!

eGlobal has also continued to foster our Discord Creative Writing Club. This year, we hosted a total of 12 Writers' Salons on topics ranging from character design to editing to publishing strategies, featuring a host of our authors as guest speakers! If you would like to join our Discord community, please click here.

We hope that you will continue on our journey with us in 2022!

To end the year on the best note - namely, stories - we would like to share some final book recommendations with all of you! This year has been a particularly big one for Romance, and so we want to highlight some of our top hits in this genre released this year. Check them out on Dreame or a platform of choice!

Season's greetings from eGlobal!

Season's greetings from eGlobal!

December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate, and a wonderful holiday season and end of the year to all those who don't!

It is the darkest time of year for us here in the Northern hemisphere, but we are keeping things warm and bright with our favorite comfort reads. Whether you have a restful weekend ahead or a hectic one, this might be the perfect time to escape into a book!

Below, we have two new romance titles to recommend to you that you can read on your phone: fairy-tale love stories full of passion and heart! Check them out today!

Happy holidays!

Romance with extra thrills!

Romance with extra thrills!

December 17, 2021

Romance with extra thrills!

Romantic Thriller is not a genre we talk about much in this newsletter, but it's an often-underrated corner of Romance fiction.

The Mystery/Thriller genre is known for exciting stories with high external stakes and a complex, twisting plot. Some pressing danger threatens the heroes, who have to struggle to overcome it; action, clues, and tense espionage scenes are iconic elements of the stories. The Romance genre, meanwhile, is known for its high internal or emotional stakes - it draws us in to the tense back-and-forth between two people.

The draw of Romantic Thrillers is that they combine these two strengths: offering both an intense, action-packed plot and an equally intense emotional undertone that will have you hooked!

"Romantic Thriller" usually refers to stories with real-world settings, but the same idea often crops up in Paranormal Romance novels. These books have a romance at their core, but often interweave it with an action-packed adventure, as their characters battle enemies and harness their magical powers.

This week, we have two exciting new releases that combine romance and action: a heated adult spy-thriller romance, and a vampire romance with strong fantasy elements. Check them out below!

 We have a new partner platform!

We have a new partner platform!

December 3, 2021

eGlobal Creative Publishing, Inc. is so excited to announce our newest partnership with the fiction platform MoboReader!

Available through web browser or the mobile app, MoboReader is a fun platform full of great stories in Romance, Fantasy, and other genres.

Check out our MoboReader premiers below!

 Celebrating Fantasy!

 Celebrating Fantasy!

November 19, 2021

Why do we like Fantasy-genre fiction?

It's not an idle question. Fantasy fiction is sometimes even challenging to read - there's so much new information you have to absorb, so many mental adjustments to make. And the real world is not lacking in excitement and wonder; all the amazing realistic fiction out there is a testament to that. So why do writers even bother to create new ones - and why do readers eat it up?

Put simply, Fantasy is about asking the question: what if the rules were different? The rules of society, the laws of nature, the landscapes and history around us - Fantasy stories change things that realistic ones cannot.

How can new circumstances make us see familiar things in a different light? How can strange, alien things - magical powers, fantastical other worlds, made-up societies - teach us lessons about our world, and about what makes us human?

Ponder these questions as you peruse the brand-new Fantasy releases below!

Halloween is here!

Halloween is here!

October 29, 2021

Happy Halloween!

This past week, we had an exciting Salon series featuring five experienced authors in different paranormal fiction subgenres.

Looking for a spooky seasonal read this weekend? Well, then check out one of their books below!

To infinity and beyond!

To infinity and beyond!

October 22, 2021

This week, we are celebrating speculative fiction!

Longtime readers may recall past announcements about our colleagues in translation at Nyoi-Bo Studio, and their work on Super Gene, a fun-filled, action-packed, genre-defying sci-fi fantasy adventure about what happens when earthlings can travel through a portal to a world of heroism and futuristic powers.

We are thrilled to announce that - 3.5 years and 3,462 chapters later - the translation of Super Gene is finally complete! With 121 million views and counting, and continual high performance, Super Gene has brought thrills and adventure to English-language readers all over the world - and we are thrilled to have been a part of their journeys. You can read the whole thing on Webnovel here.

As you may know, this Halloween, we are celebrating speculative fiction, and especially paranormal titles. Next Thursday, October 28 at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. EDT, we will be holding a Writer's Salon discussion panel on our Creative Writing Club Discord server. The topic: paranormal fiction.

How do you develop supernatural elements of your story, and how do you incorporate them into your plot, character designs, and premise? We talk with paranormal romance and urban fantasy writers including A.D.R. Brown, Lilith Carrie, Marie Delacroix, Patti Larsen, and Kianna Walpole. Join our Discord here.

Finally, check out our most recent paranormal romance!

 It's that spooky time of year . . .

 It's that spooky time of year . . .

October 15, 2021

Tis the season when mists fill the day and the wind howls through the woods at night . . .

Yup, it's officially "spooky season!" And if you're a book lover like us, you're probably celebrating with a good book that weaves a tale of mystery, terror, or magic.

Don't have your book picked yet? This October, we are doing Halloween-themed recommendations. Check out this week's two books below! Which will you be reading? A chilling, eerie Sci-Fi horror adventure? Or a paranormal romance full of mysteries and creatures of the night?

Adventures in Paranormal Romance!

Adventures in Paranormal Romance!

October 8, 2021

What do we love most about autumn? The sense of adventure!

It's not winter yet - the outdoors are still beautiful, and warm enough for long walks, bike rides, hikes, and so on . . .

And, as it turns out, we love Paranormal Romance for the same reason.

So dig your teeth into one of these thrilling supernatural love stories!