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Thank you, authors!

Thank you, authors!

June 17, 2022

This week's newsletter is dedicated to our wonderful authors!

We are thrilled to announce that our catalog has just passed the 1,000 mark. That means we have collaborated with authors to publish over a thousand different books!

It has been an incredible experience to watch our book lists grow over the past years and to dive into a variety of exciting genres, as well as expand out to new languages. Above all, we are grateful for the authors who have entrusted us with the publication of their books. We couldn't have made it here without your enthusiasm and openness to new possibilities - and we are so proud of what we've accomplished together!

For the writers out there: we know that, at times, it can be easy to get disheartened in the publishing arena. But just remember that writing a book, in and of itself, is a monumental achievement. It is our honor to help you get your book published and connect with readers - and we can't wait to collaborate on more amazing books in the future!

On that note, we have released some exciting new romance titles this week. Check them out below!

 Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Romance . . . ?

 Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Romance . . . ?

June 10, 2022

The three genres we talk about most often in this newsletter are Romance, Fantasy Romance, and Fantasy. But wait a minute - those sort of sound like a Venn Diagram, don't they? How is Fantasy Romance (which includes Paranormal Romance) distinct from Romance and Fantasy?

Well . . . it isn't. Romance and Fantasy have had a close relationship since the early days of novels and Gothic Romance, so it's only natural there's overlap. But the 21st Century has brought about a surge in popularity for Fantasy and Paranormal Romance that makes it critical to understand this genre on its own.

The first thing one needs to understand is that Romance and Fantasy, as genres, are defined in different ways.

The Romance genre is defined by a certain type of plot. Romance stories center around the growth of a romantic relationship between two people; the relationship is tested but ultimately (in conventional romance) overcomes the odds, and our heroes get their Happily Ever After. This basic plot arc can be incorporated into pretty much any setting.

Fantasy, to contrast, is typically defined by a certain type of setting or world-building. Fantasy stories include magical elements, and they often take place in another universe, a mythic past, or a secret hidden world within our own. While there are certain more popular plot tropes, fantasy concepts can accommodate pretty much any sort of story.

A Fantasy Romance, then, draws on each genre in a different way: it has a Romance plot and a Fantasy setting.

The part that new writers often miss is the Romance plot arc. It isn't enough for the main character to be in a romantic relationship - the romantic relationship has to be the core of the story and conflict. If the romance isn't central - if the driving conflict is something else, like overcoming a villain or saving the world - then it isn't Fantasy Romance; it's just Fantasy with a prominent romantic subplot.

For this reason, Fantasy Romance is often grouped with other Romance books instead of Fantasy ones - it's for readers who want a story about falling in love!

But that doesn't mean the Fantasy element is unimportant. Fantasy Romance writers still need to know how to do worldbuilding like creating a magic system - and often find themselves diving into Fantasy plot tropes as well, such as prophecies, epic battles, and arcane mysteries. And Fantasy genre readers may find that they enjoy the creativity and magic of a good Fantasy Romance as much as their usual adventure-focused stories!

This newsletter features novels in all three genres. As a special feature, we are highlighting some of our fan-favorites on Radish - see below!

Summer is on its way!

Summer is on its way!

June 3, 2022

Happy June from your friends at eGlobal!

It's been a busy and exciting first half of the year. Our team has published new books in multiple languages, developed outstanding originals, re-launched our Writers' Salon series, and partnered with Wehear to recommend you amazing audiobooks. Throughout this journey, we have been amazed by the creativity and enthusiasm of our writers and of online fiction fans everywhere!

As the weather turns toward summer for those of us in northern climes, we hope that you all will have the chance to relax and soak up the sun. And for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere entering winter, it's time to hunker down at home and get cozy!

Whatever the weather you have ahead, it's definitely the season for some comfort reading. This week our rec list features romance novels that deliver fun, passion, and a lot of heart. Check them out today!

Did you know we have books in multiple languages?

Did you know we have books in multiple languages?

May 27, 2022

It's true!

From the beginning, a core part of eGlobal's mission has been fostering an international, cross-cultural literary field. While our English catalog, on its own, contains works from around the globe, we also are proud to work with authors and audiences in other languages.

eGlobal regularly publishes novels in Spanish. In addition, we have translated a number of our English originals into Spanish and Indonesian!

This week, we are excited to offer a bilingual recommendation list. Check out the new releases in English and Spanish below!

Finally, as mentioned in our previous newsletter, we are highlighting a brand-new audiobook app for Romance and Fantasy readers. If you like paranormal romance, check out the trailer - and head over to Wehear to begin listening!

Want to listen to Fantasy and Romance novels?

Want to listen to Fantasy and Romance novels?

May 20, 2022

Our team at eGlobal is thrilled to highlight a brand-new fiction app from one of our partners!

Wehear is an audiobook app focused on Fantasy and Romance stories of the styles and genres beloved to web-novel readers. If you are looking for action-packed, fun entertainment on the go - during your commute, during chores, or simply whenever you prefer listening to reading - we strongly recommend checking them out!

Get it Now!

Of course, we would never discourage anyone from reading print, either! Check out our latest novel-format releases below!

 Opportunities for writers and editors!

 Opportunities for writers and editors!

May 13, 2022

We have two exciting announcements about new ways to get involved with eGlobal!

If you are one of our signed authors, we now have a eGlobal Creative Publishing group on Facebook! This is a private group for our authors to chat about writing and publishing and support one another. Contact our administrative team to learn how to join the group!

We also have a new freelance opportunity for anyone with strong writing and grammar/punctuation skills. eGlobal is looking for copy-editors to edit works of fiction that have been translated into English (only knowledge of English is required). Applicants need to commit significant time each month on a part-time schedule.

If you are interested in this position, we would invite you to contact us at authors@eglobalcreativepublishing.com to learn about the application process!

Finally, we have some very unusual and exciting new releases in Fantasy Romance, as well as classic, fun contemporary romances. Check them out below!

A Special Thank-You to All Mothers!

A Special Thank-You to All Mothers!

May 6, 2022

Happy Friday from your friends at eGlobal!

This upcoming Sunday brings us Mother's Day in the United States and many other regions around the world - a time for appreciating mothers or those who have been mothers to us.

Our team at eGlobal hopes that you are able to connect with your mother this weekend - and, if you are a mother, that you can take the time to celebrate and care for yourself! In addition, our thoughts are with anyone for whom this holiday brings difficult feelings or grief.

For those who celebrate Mother's Day, we hope you have some wonderful plans this weekend! What do you normally do to thank your mother or spend time with your family?

If you are still looking for the perfect gift, we can also offer one idea! Is your mother a literary type or is interested in writing? eGlobal sells easy-to-pick-up online courses on creative writing and editing. Through a series of ten-minute video lessons, students will be guided through the process of planning out a novel, or trained in the skills of a freelance editor. For more details, see below!

Go out and find readers!

Go out and find readers!

April 29, 2022

Serial online fiction platforms have thousands or millions of users logging in every day. And thanks to the wonders of the world wide web, all you need to do is enter a bit of information and you can publish instantaneously. Your book is out there, appearing in tag searches and in lists of new releases.

So readers will flock to your book easily, right?

Well... sadly, no.

There's a huge reader base for web serials, and the digital format can provide unique opportunities for authors. But this low barrier of access also means that competition is furious. And writers also need to remember that the content readers see is shaped by algorithms - depending on a platform's design, it's easy for the already-successful hit books to crowd out new ones in user's feeds.

But aspiring authors should not lose heart! All this means is that web-novelists have to do what artists in every medium do - go out and find your audience instead of waiting for them to come to you!

Online publishing is magical because of its vast global reach - but the best place to start building an audience is close to home. Send your book link to your family and friends! Guilt them into reading it and leaving a review! How can you use your real-life network to kick-start your writing career?

Consider other communities you are tapped into where people might genuinely be interested in your story. Online spaces like chat servers and social media are a great way to connect with potential audiences personally. Offline social groups can provide a wealth of opportunity, too.

Finally, be creative in how you promote your work! As a writer, you are probably most comfortable with the written word - but in our modern world, and especially on the internet, people respond best to multi-media content. You don't have to have a lot of design skills to put together a good-looking graphic or video trailer - there are tons of applications out there designed to help amateurs!

How do you promote your work? What has worked? What hasn't worked?

This newsletter was dedicated to our authors, but if you are simply a fan, we would like to thank you for reading to the end! This week, we have a great lineup of romance books across a ton of different subgenres, from shifter to sci-fi to mafia - and one new GameLit adventure. Check them out below!

A deep dive into the fan-favorite fantasy creature!

A deep dive into the fan-favorite fantasy creature!

April 22, 2022

Let's talk vampires!

Vampires as we know them have deep roots in European folklore, and similar concepts are found in cultures around the world.

However, the lore surrounding these creatures has been changing and evolving throughout history. Our modern vision of them owes much to Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula - yet those who read the classic will find that much has changed even just in the past century, with cinema and popular fiction introducing new "iconic" elements.

Vampire stories have long been linked to romance, with many classic works featuring themes of forbidden or dangerous desire. In recent decades, theTwilight saga has brought huge public attention to the genre of Vampire Romance - many examples of which you will see below!

Despite the popularity of beautiful, brooding vampire love interests, these creatures also have enduring popularity in other contexts - as hit fantasy series like My Vampire System illustrate. Whether heroes or villains, vampires bring a unique appeal in action/adventure fiction as well.

So, what exactly makes vampires so endlessly fascinating for readers? There are too many possibilities to list here, but a few stand out:

(1) Incredible power. In most stories, vampires have innate abilities that put them above humans. This can include nigh-invulnerability, super strength and speed, and occasionally special magic powers. In a villain, these powers make for a dangerous foe; in a hero or love interest, they can serve as the special ability that enables the hero to undertake perilous adventures.

(2) Immortality. Vampires are frequently immortal, meaning that they do not age and will live forever if left unharmed. In adventure stories, this once again gives them the potential for special powers and advantages simply by virtue of having been around so long - whether they are the hero or the villain.

In romance, to contrast, immortality poses a serious problem. What do relationships look like as the years turn into centuries? What happens if an immortal falls for a mortal - a love seemingly doomed from the start?

(3) Dark, emotional themes. Of course, we have yet to even mention the most central vampire trope in the modern day - that they drink human blood. Vampires are frequently considered cursed; even if a writer doesn't go in that direction, their powers and literal need for blood can lead to an inherently violent life for these characters.

For villains, this makes it easy to check the "evil" box. However, this darkness is also, paradoxically, key to vampires' popularity as heroes and love interests. A vampire who strives to be a good person, or to have a bond of love with someone else, will face huge obstacles that can make for a gripping and emotional story. These tropes also invite in rich themes such as the nature of evil and humanity itself.

(4) Style. Last, but certainly not least important, it is conventional for fictional vampires to have a killer aesthetic. They have often accumulated wealth and power in their long lives, and flaunt it through incredible estates, fabulous clothing, and other such trappings of glamor. There is also a trope that vampires are beautiful and seductive, which has led writers to give them a special allure. Coolness is appreciated in any genre.

This vampire deep-dive is in honor of our new releases this week, which contains several awesome new vampire stories! But that's not all we have for you - if your tastes lie more in billionaire romance, romantic comedy, soul mates, or teen fantasy adventure, you won't be disappointed either!

So many places to read novels!

So many places to read novels!

April 15, 2022

eGlobal is excited to announce our newest partnership!

We will shortly be releasing titles on Goodnovel, a wonderful reading app with hit stories that span genres. Fans of Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, and other genres can all find something they'll enjoy!

In the meantime, we would like to feature our latest releases across familiar and beloved genres for eGlobal - stories that combine romance, fantasy/sci-fi, and adventure. Check them out below!

What makes a good pitch?

What makes a good pitch?

April 8, 2022

What makes a good pitch?

In this newsletter, we've talked a lot about what makes for a good story. A lot of it is broad, intangible aspects of the writing process - character building, exciting plots, engaging narrative flow . . . things you can only truly judge by reading the whole book.

And then there's the pitch.

By "the pitch," we mean the shortest, most condensed summary of the book's core concept. It's the answer you would give if someone leaned over your shoulder while you were reading and asked, "What's the book about?" Ideally, you should be able to pitch a story in 1-3 sentences.

Whether you're writing your own book, or just trying to get friends to read a book you like, creating a pitch is a challenging and revealing process. This is because a pitch must be a couple things that seem contradictory on first glance:

(1) Easy to understand. A pitch should not only be brief, but should paint a simple and clear picture in the audience's head. A pitch does not have to (and should not) cover every twist and turn of the story. In order to be immediately understood, a pitch cannot usually reference any more of the plot than the backstory and the inciting incident or central conflict.

(2) Memorable and unique. A pitch should never feel nondescript or general, like it could apply to lots of books in a genre. A strong pitch gets at the heart of what makes this story special. The audience should feel like they've been presented with a new and exciting idea.

(3) Representative. A pitch needs to underscore the selling points of a work. That means that it needs to capture the "big picture" of the story. If the pitch focuses too much on a minor, unimportant, or odd aspect of the story, the audience will get a false impression of what the book is about.

So, your pitch needs to be unique and striking, but it also needs to be easy for the audience to comprehend. It needs to give the big picture of the story, without trying to pack in so many details that it becomes confusing or wordy.

. . . You see why this is a challenge for many writers!

However, while that challenge can be a pain - it can also be a boon.

Writing a good pitch challenges you to think critically about your own work. What makes it stand out from the pack? What are the selling points? What's at the core of the story? All of these are different ways of asking - what would make someone want to read it?

Of course, as we mentioned at the beginning, what ultimately makes a reading experience enjoyable are the broad, intangible qualities of the writing and storytelling. But, for a book to find wide readership, the writer (and publisher!) has to think about marketing. And part of that is thinking about the essence of the story idea - the pitch.

Speaking of story ideas, we are so excited to announce this week's lineup of interesting new books. Check them out below!

Spring greetings from the eGlobal team!

Spring greetings from the eGlobal team!

April 1, 2022

The start of the month is a great time for writers to re-assess their progress and set new goals. Are you thinking of starting a book, or reworking a manuscript you already have?

As part of our ongoing commitment to fostering writers’ growth, our editorial team would like to share some words of wisdom about being an author in today’s world!

(1) Print is where it’s at! Sure, the internet may empower you to reach millions of readers all around the world. But will they get to enjoy that distinctive new-book smell as they page through your novel? No! Everyone knows that smelling a book is half of the point of reading. If you want your work to have an impact, it has to be released in print.

(2) Don’t bother reading! Many writers have heard that the best way to develop your skills and ideas is by reading other books. But this is WRONG. If you read other writer’s work, you might encounter new and challenging ideas—and learn something from them. You might even learn something about the market. This might lead you to change your ideas and approach, which is BAD. Growth is impossible, so you should never try to change the way you write!

(3) Serialization is a bad idea. You might have heard other writers talking about serial online fiction or “web-novels.” Maybe you’ve even tried your hand at writing one. But jumping into a new medium and publishing format can be scary and intimidating.

That’s why you shouldn’t do it! There is never a benefit to exploring unconventional options for publishing. Just stick to what you know and ignore the hype!

(4) Books shouldn’t make people happy. You might remember from your high school Lit class that you hated reading some of the assigned books. This is because literature is not meant to be enjoyable. When you are writing your book, don’t be tempted to consider what brings you joy and what might bring your readers joy. You should especially avoid using tried-and-true tropes that make your story exciting and emotional to read.

. . .


To all our writers - we hope you continue reading and learning, exploring new publishing opportunities, and writing stories that make you happy this April!

Check out our latest releases!