Courses We Offer

eGlobal Creative Publishing is proud to present comprehensive education courses on a wide variety of subjects.  Whether you want to learn how to write serialized online fiction or learn the skills necessary to become an editor of translated works, eGlobal’s expertly developed courses will guide you through the process

Fantasy Writing: How to Craft a Best-Selling Fantasy Novel

Do you dream of finding success as a fantasy author? We can help you get there! This course breaks down the popular subgenres and tropes of fantasy, and offers in-depth analysis on how to develop a story that appeals to readers.

Romance Writing: How to Create a Best-Selling Romance Novel

Want to learn how to write romance novels? This course breaks down everything you need to know. Learn the popular subgenres and tropes, what makes for an interesting fictional relationship, and how to develop your idea into a story readers will love!

Understanding Online Fiction: What Makes a Hit Novel

What sorts of novels and stories are best suited for online serialization? This course breaks down the genres, tropes, and themes of twenty-one online bestsellers to shed light on what makes them so popular. A unique and invaluable resource for all writers, fans, and professionals in the world of serial online fiction!

Translation Editing: A Practical Introduction

This online course teaches you both all-purpose copy editing skills and the unique professional tools you need to edit translated texts.

Online Literature Writing: From Start to Finish

Learn to earn an income through writing fiction! Serial online fiction is a rapidly growing industry where writers can connect to readers around the world and make a profit from their work.

More Courses Coming Soon!