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Understanding Online Fiction: What Makes a Hit Novel

Understanding Online Fiction: What Makes a Hit Novel

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The internet is transforming how people read. Serial online fiction is a new and rapidly growing publishing medium where popular novels can attract thousands, even millions of fans. But what are these runaway hit books like? What features and types of stories define online literature? This course has the answers you need.

In this course, industry experts from our editorial team have analyzed twenty-one top online novels for the storylines and characters that audiences love. We will present these case studies alongside general introductions to the genres of the medium to help you understand what serial online fiction is and what draws millions of readers to digital reading platforms every day.

This course covers:
· A general introduction to serial online literature;
· The major subdivisions and genres on novel platforms, including Fantasy, Romance, and the Male-Lead/Female-Lead distinction;
· Widespread story tropes used by successful online novel authors in the genres of Eastern Fantasy and Contemporary Romance;
· Real-life case studies on twenty of the bestselling serial novels, as well as a case study of a Paranormal Romance title for extra insight into the Romance field;
· Analysis of how these authors use story tropes and their unique ideas to capture readers’ imaginations.

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