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Online Novel-Writing Boot Camp

Seeing your novel published is a dream come true for many authors. But the requirements for traditional publishing can be overwhelming, even if you have a great story idea and the talent to write it. Do I need an agent? How do I write a query letter? Why do I keep getting so many rejection letters? Those are just some of the questions we ask ourselves as writers.

With all the obstacles in the way, it’s difficult to justify even taking the time to write the story, and when you do, writer’s block and time constraints from the many responsibilities of everyday life can prevent you from finishing.

But both experienced and beginner writers have another option. Our online Author Boot Camp program solves these problems and lets you concentrate solely on the creative process. You’ll write your 50,000-word novel in about a month, and have it published right away, while you’re still writing! You’ll get editor support from the outline through the final chapter, authorship credit, and a royalty share of the finished novel as we publish it on our serial online fiction partner platforms. 

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Why Join Our Boot Camp?

Here are the benefits of participating in the Author Boot Camp program at eGlobal Creative Publishing:

  • Content editor support. You’ll get one-on-one support from a trained, experienced content editor who can help you design your story, develop your chapters, and work closely with you to keep you motivated throughout the entire writing process.

  • Training. We’ve developed an exclusive two-hour online “crash course” in serial online fiction for that will help you understand this evolving industry. The courses are packed with helpful tips that will teach you how to design a story that readers will love.

  • Complimentary cover design. Book covers are important for attracting attention to your book in a way that will engage your genre’s readers. In serial online fiction, covers are colorful thumbnail photos that give readers a sense of your story content. As part of the Author Boot Camp program, we’ll provide one professionally designed book cover to help draw readers to your novel.

  • Marketing. Marketing is an important factor in successful publishing, and many creative writers simply don’t have the time to do it well. Once your story is published in our Author Boot Camp program, we’ll help you market your novel by sharing it on our eGlobal Creative Publishing social media accounts and featuring it in our writing community newsletters.

We’re excited to provide the opportunity for writers to bring their stories to life and publish them for readers to enjoy right away!

Apply today at authors {at} eglobal creative by sending in a narrative fiction sample of at least 1,000 words for our editor team review. Qualified writers will receive an invitation to the program.

Cost: Once approved, qualified authors will pay a nonrefundable fee of $100 to get started. Once you finish your 50-chapter novel, we’ll provide a guaranteed royalty advance of $200! Thereafter, you’ll receive a pre-determined royalty share.

Contact us to get started today!

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April McQueen, Published Author

"When I started Boot Camp, I was unsure of a lot of things: could I write 50 chapters about anything; could I develop characters and a storyline; could I accomplish all of this in one month?  

The answer: yes, I could but with baby steps, one chapter at a time.  Ongoing chapter creation and editorial changes helped me to reach that end goal of 50 chapters total while improving my written work in a collaborative atmosphere.  

Embrace the process.  Surprise yourself."

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