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Online Novel-Writing Boot Camp

Want to write a 50,000 word novel in a month and have it published right away?


eGlobal Creative Publishing, Inc. is currently recruiting both novice and experienced writers for our Author Boot Camp. In this program, writers will learn how to write for the web-novel market while receiving expert feedback and support for their work. Participants receive training, an advance, authorship credit, and a royalty share on the finished novel.

Participating writers take a two-hour crash course and workshop their novel outline with our editors. They then will submit chapters on a daily basis and receive frequent coaching and feedback from an editor. Boot Camp authors are also invited to attend our biweekly Writer's Salon, a discussion series centerd on helping writers hone their craft.

One of our successful Boot Camp authors has written an informative blog post on her experience. Learn her story here.

Apply today! Submit a writing sample and bio to

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Why Join Our Boot Camp?

Serial online novel writing is a trendy new medium with a growing international readership. It provides a great opportunity for aspiring and independent authors to reach new audiences and find a source of income - or even a career! - in writing popular fiction.

But the online novel world is also very different from the forms of fiction publishing with which many English-language authors are familiar. That's where we come in. Our boot camp is the perfect way to learn the in's-and-out's of this industry, build a daily writing habit, and complete your first online novel. And we'll pay you to do it, too!

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April McQueen, Published Author

"When I started Boot Camp, I was unsure of a lot of things: could I write 50 chapters about anything; could I develop characters and a storyline; could I accomplish all of this in one month?  

The answer: yes, I could but with baby steps, one chapter at a time.  Ongoing chapter creation and editorial changes helped me to reach that end goal of 50 chapters total while improving my written work in a collaborative atmosphere.  

Embrace the process.  Surprise yourself."

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