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"How does it end, Zane?"
"How does what end?"
"Our story."
"It doesn't."


Faith LaNuit has everything but love. When she travels to paradise and meets a brilliant stranger with dark charm and roguish good looks, she needs to find out: Is he going to complete her life, or take it all apart? 

Faith travels to beautiful Colombia to find the story she knows is inside her somewhere. What she finds instead is a love story she'll never forget. Can that love story reach across the lines of rich and poor? Can it outfox a conniving rival for her affections? Can it survive a barreling hurricane that threatens to devastate Colombia? She learns that when it comes to love, everything happens somewhere between never and now.

Somewhere Between Never and Now is created by G.W. Mercure, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.


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Serialized online fiction is a rapidly growing industry and an incredible opportunity for authors of all experience levels. 

Authors post daily updates to novels that can run for hundreds and even thousands of chapters, attracting thousands of fans around the world and successfully monetizing their work.


We invite any English-language authors to inquire about our programs to help them get a leg-up in this market!



Crystal Cabrae is an author who specializes in writing dystopian, romantic, and adventurous worlds. Working with E-Global has given her the freedom to write her novels with the peace of mind that they will be read by fans that are eager for more. To check out her freewriting site, visit or find out the latest on instagram @crystalcabrae.

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"On the bed." My new master, the Alpha of Drogomor, commanded.

I walked toward the bed, naked, ashamed, and full of tears.

I was about to lose my virginity, but it meant nothing to the man who was going to take it.


I am Rosalie, 20 years old, sold to the most terrifying alpha by my own father.

"You're nothing to me but a breeder." he said to me cruelly.

I had long known that my love for him was hopeless and foolish.

However, I was naïve to think that was the end of the story.

Once the baby is born, I will be put to death.


People thought I was dead, but I survived.

"It's you!" He grabbed my hand, and his eyes were filled with emotions I couldn't understand. "Come back to me, Rosalie."

"Sorry." I calmly looked back at him, "but I think you've got the wrong person."


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