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Blood and Water - New on Webnovel!

Being caught between two worlds is not easy.
Dineo grew up an ordinary human aside from her weak lungs and breathing problems. Until one day when Neo’s world is turned upside down. Neo learns she has never been human at all, and she has a vital role to play that could save lives on both land and sea.
  Neo takes us on a journey of self discovery, from being a sickly human to a powerful ocean queen.
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Serialized online fiction is a rapidly growing industry and an incredible opportunity for authors of all experience levels. 

Authors post daily updates to novels that can run for hundreds and even thousands of chapters, attracting thousands of fans around the world and successfully monetizing their work.


We invite any English-language authors to inquire about our programs to help them get a leg-up in this market!

Are you a novice author or editor? Take our expertly-crafted education courses and learn the ins and outs of serialized online literature and translation editing.

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