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Online Literature Writing: From Start to Finish

Online Literature Writing: From Start to Finish

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This is not your traditional writing course! Serial online literature is a new and rapidly growing publishing medium. This course explores the features of this digital fiction market, walking authors through the process of planning and writing novels specifically for this format and publishing them on online reading platforms.

We would like to invite students who complete the course to also apply for our paid author boot camp, a three-month novel-writing program in which authors submit chapters daily, receiving detailed feedback from an editor. Learning the skills you need to write a web-novel is just the beginning of a potential career in online literature!

This course covers:
· The features of serial online fiction and its differences from conventional fiction and publishing;
· Starting and planning a story, including classic techniques of character, creation, plotting, worldbuilding, and outlining, with tips on how to translate them to this new medium;
· Publishing your work on an online platform and composing a novel serially through regular updates;
· A step-by-step guide for online novel creation from start to finish!

Course includes:
· 2.5 hours of video lessons by a professional writing instructor
· 13 creative writing assignments designed to take you from a rough concept to a novel in progress
· Tips and insights from industry professionals on how to maximize your chance of success in this e-publishing market.

Begin your writing career today!

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