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Romance Writing: How to Create a Best-Selling Romance Novel

Romance Writing: How to Create a Best-Selling Romance Novel

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Who doesn’t like a good love story? Romance is one of the most consistently popular and high-performing genres of fiction. And in the ever-growing online fiction market, a hit romance title can reach thousands or even millions of fans worldwide. But how do you go about writing a romance novel? This course will show you how to begin.

In this course developed by romance editors, we outline the major trends in the romance genre and strategies for planning and writing your novel. Each unit guides you through the next step of planning your novel, providing both handy tips and in-depth analysis to help you craft a story that readers will love.

If you are…
• An aspiring writer starting your first romance novel;
• An experienced writer making your first foray into the romance market;
• A seasoned romance author seeking to learn how you can find success on new, trendy digital publishing platforms;
. . . Then this course is for you!

This course covers:
• A general introduction to the romance genre;
• The major subgenres of romance and their unique features;
• Character creation and popular character features;
• Relationship tropes and developing compelling dynamics;
• Plot development and pacing out a love story.

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