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Fantasy Writing: How to Craft a Best-Selling Fantasy Novel

Fantasy Writing: How to Craft a Best-Selling Fantasy Novel

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Embark on your journey as an author! Are you a huge fan of fantasy and adventure fiction? Do you dream of publishing your own novel and sharing your ideas with fans all around the world? This course can help you take the first steps toward achieving it!

Over the course of 20 lessons developed by fiction editors, we guide you through the process of developing a novel-length story that will appeal to readers. We outline the major subgenres of action/adventure-based speculative fiction, followed by in-depth discussions of worldbuilding, hero design, and building the plot. Each unit provides both big-picture analysis and breakdowns of specific popular tropes. The course included specialized advice on how to succeed in the online market, especially the growing world of serialized “web-novels.”

If you are…
• An aspiring writer starting your first fantasy novel;
• An experienced writer branching into fantasy;
• A seasoned fantasy author seeking to learn how you can find success on new, trendy digital publishing platforms;
. . . Then this course is for you!

This course covers:
• A general introduction to fantasy fiction;
• The major subgenres of fantasy and their unique features;
• Worldbuilding principles and tips;
• Tips for your hero and how they can connect with audiences;
• Plot development and building a novel-length story!

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