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Translation Editing: A Practical Introduction

Translation Editing: A Practical Introduction

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Are you fascinated by the intricacies of written language? In today’s interconnected world, translations and translation editors are in high demand. Learn about the skills you need to edit translated texts and explore a career in this vibrant and rewarding field.

This course provides an overview of the various aspects and guiding principles of translation editing, interspersed with tips and real-world editing examples that demonstrate how to turn theory into practice.

This course covers:
· A general introduction to the fields of translation and editing, and their intersection;
· The basics of copy editing and proofreading, including a walkthrough of the major aspects of language this work involves, from punctuation and grammar to idiom and consistency;
· Workflow management and communication strategies for the professional editor, with an emphasis on translator-editor teams;
· Real-life examples of errors in translated fiction from Nyoi-Bo Studio’s editorial team!

Course Includes:
· 3 hours of video instruction by a professional translation editor
· Real-world examples from translated novels that teach you to apply what you learn
· 25 quizzes to reinforce and deepen your knowledge

Start building your editing career today!

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