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Agnes Gerlach


My writing has been a culmination of a lifetime of adventure. Before having all four of my children, Rose Moss at Harvard University was one of my esteemed teachers that I was blessed to have studied under, and been included in her writing workshops. I went onto develop a women's empowerment sailing program for battered women that operated in Charleston SC and Rhode Island. Many years of sailing took me across the pond to racing in the Solent, down to the leeward and windward islands of the Caribbean, and cruising along the eastern United States. I now find myself living in the middle of a longleaf pine forest, riding and training Arabian horse, and living with the real Captain of my heart.
I'm excited to share stories of love and romance set in rich historical periods and locations. It is through the eyes of love that the connection with a large and welcoming audience is made. Be sure to join the 'Love, Agnes Gerlach' readers club at

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