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Chloe Higgins


Chloe’s love for writing began at a young age due to her obsession with reading. As she got older, she became more familiar with the Romance genre and decided she wanted to start writing stories about beautiful women falling in love with handsome, tatted up, men. This is what made her attend the University of Wollongong to obtain her degree in Creative Arts: Creative Writing. Reading and writing is all she has ever known and wants to do for the rest of her life.

She has written two published novels: A Marriage of Alphas and The CEO’s Secrets and has plans to write many more novels in the future as her creative skills are enhanced and more developed.

Chloe lives in the beach city of Wollongong on the coast of Australia. She doesn’t like the ocean, but she does love seeing it from her balcony. The pride and joy of her life are her two Siberian fur babies, who she loves to snuggle with every chance she gets.

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