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Desmond Vargas


I love food, intimacy, and adventure. It doesn't matter if I'm writing shifter romance, epic fantasy, eroticism, adventure, or any of the genres I so love, you’ll find food always plays a critical role in my stories. After all, nourishing others may be humanity's greatest act of love. It also provides the fuel we need for adventuring. You’ll find technology and classic settings intertwined into my books as well. Writers like Anne Rice, Brandon Sanderson, and Diana Gabaldon have always tickled my creative vein. While many of my stories spend time in the fantasylands I’ve invented, they also take place in our world. So, when one of my characters is sitting in a San Francisco hotel or a club in Paris, you can picture me there too, absorbing the world around me. My goal is to grab your undivided attention and provide the escape we all yearn for. As a family man and businessman, I hope my personal experiences and imagination pull you in. They just aren’t as fun without you.


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