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Dinux Hooman


Dinux is a nonbinary, neurodivergent creator who has been writing for as long as they can remember in the form of journaling, poetry, essays, short stories, song lyrics, roleplaying campaigns, serials, ghostwriting nonfiction, and beyond. While they're still fairly new to sharing their work with a wider audience, they are excited at the prospect of finally adding their perspective to the global collective.

They were raised in the southern United States, but have been happily living in the Pacific Northwest for the past decade. Aside from writing, they also enjoy drawing, paper crafting, costuming, percussion, cooking, and gaming in all forms. When they're not at home with the dog, they're likely assisting with local mutual aid efforts or out in the back country looking for a nice creek.

They can be found on most social media platforms by searching their name.

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