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Emily Dinova


Emily Dinova has a Bachelors degree in English (concentration Theatre) and a double Masters in Stage & Screen Writing. Her play Capture, about her experience with an abusive relationship, was published by Fresher Publishing Company and subsequently won the Fresher Writing Prize in 2015 for Best Stage Play. It had a run Off Broadway in NYC, a quick stint at the Shelley Theatre (the remains Mary Shelley’s estate!) in Bournemouth, UK and played regionally at Seven Angels Theatre in Waterbury, CT. She’s written three other novels Bode, Veil of Seduction and The Antagonist, which she hopes to publish as well. Her short story, The Dramma, was published in HauntedMTL's first horror anthology and her short story An Old Life of Youth was published and featured on Literally Stories as a "Saturday Special" (only six writers in the last six plus years have been given this honor). If you would like to read more about her, you can find additional information on her Production Company’s website:

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