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Jessica Nicole


Jessica Nicole is an American author who has been writing articles, short stories, and novels for more than a decade, many of which have been previously published. She is currently a romance web novelist for EGlobal Creative and has been the guest speaker of several
webinars on the topic of serial online novel writing. She prides herself on trying to connect with readers on a deeper level through rich and unique stories that awaken emotions, by combining a sense of adventure with the deep well of the human heart. When
she isn't writing, she is reading and researching for her upcoming paranormal romance novel soon to be published on several platforms.

Jessica is the author of the popular web novel
The Alpha's Vengeance exclusively on the
Anystories App. You can learn more about Jessica Nicole by following her on Instagram @jessicanicolenovels.
Jessica resides in New York and is the author of The Alpha's Vengeance.

You can learn more about Jessica by following her on Instagram @jessicanicolenovels.

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