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L. Kunzer


L. Kunzer was raised in a small rural town in Montana.

She grew up outside, embracing her imagination which were fueled by the books she read.

As an advanced reader, she buzzed through books for her age group. At age 7, she read a book that spoke to her.

It was the release of the 3rd Harry Potter book. She was quickly hooked & knew that fantasy was her genre. From there, she continued reading all types of fantasy, enjoying the originality and creativity.

She wrote as often as she could all through college. She taught English so more could find the joy & inspiration in it.

After teaching 7-12 English for 5 years, editing & illustrating 2 novels & many side jobs, she decided it was time to pursue her dream and focus on writing.

L. Kunzer has lived all over her home state and still lives in Montana with her two dogs. She writes in her free-time, her main genre being short -stories with twist endings as well as fantasy. She also paints and draws scenes from stories she's read.

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