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M.L. Robish


M.L. believes it’s never too late to start something new. Which is why, although she’s published several short stories, she’s written many more unfinished ones. She keeps active writing fiction, raising her family, and trying different workout regimens to stay in shape.

As a wife of one and mother of many, she can usually be found at home experimenting with new recipes to feed her clan. Buffalo cauliflower bites are a no go!

Continuing with her mantra of trying new things, M.L. has lived in six states and continues to move every couple years. She enjoys sports having played women’s tackle football , water polo, and most recently kickball – all in her adult years.

M.L works as an adjunct for a city college where she teaches humanities. Her love of reading, writing, art, and culture continually entertain her and keep her searching for the next new thing.

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