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Mason Winfield


Author, storyteller, and supernatural historian Mason Winfield studied English and Classics at Denison University, earned a master’s degree in British literature at Boston College, and studied poetry and fiction at SUNY Buffalo with professor emeritus and MacArthur grant recipient Irving Feldman. For thirteen years he taught English at The Gow School (South Wales, N.Y.), during which time he chaired the English department, won a 50K cross-country ski marathon, and was ranked several times among the Buffalo, N.Y., area’s top ten tennis players. He has written or edited fourteen books, including the regional sensation “Shadows of the Western Door” (1997) and “Iroquois Supernatural,” co-authored with Michael Bastine, on the traditions of the Six Longhouse Nations (Inner Traditions International/Bear & Company, 2011). Several of his surveys of upstate folklore and paranormal tradition may be found at the website of Western New York Wares:

An occasional journalist who writes on a range of subjects (including the War of 1812 and Celtic and Iroquois folklore), Mason is also a fiction writer whose short story “The Hunters” won the contest for horror fiction (2000) and gained honorable mention in the year’s Best Fantasy & Horror (2000). He is the founder of Western New York’s original supernatural tourism company, Haunted History Ghost Walks, Inc.

While “The Whistlers”’ narrator Ward Courier has overlaps with the profile of Mason Winfield, the latter cautions that the two are not the same. Ward Courier is a psychic detective who has one massive adventure. Mason Winfield studied English and Classics...

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