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Michelle Fishkin


Michelle has been writing her own stories since elementary school. She has always wanted to
turn her stories into books and scripts, and is excited to publish one of her own. Michelle earned
a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing for Film and Television at The University of the Arts in
Philadelphia. Today, Michelle lives in New Jersey. She works as a child guardian and crew
member at a regional theater company, and has volunteered for community theater in Monmouth
County. She is proud to be a registrant at the Theatrical Wardrobe Union in hopes of becoming a
child wrangler at a professional theater in New York. Michelle would love to thank her mom,
dad, sister, family, friends, her boyfriend and his family for their support. She would also love to
thank her teachers from elementary school through college for the education, preparation and
encouragement that brought her to becoming a published writer.
I would like to thank everyone who gave me edits and feedback to help make this book happen

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