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Morden Grey


After over two decades of mind-numbing, tortuous IT work, Morden hopes to honor eGlobal with his written works.
Between his novel writing, multiple role playing campaigns, blogs and journals he's technically been writing his entire life.

While he has other hobbies, they are all done at the benefit of what he writes. Be it his interest in medieval weaponry and armor or understanding how to exercise more efficiently to watching a documentary about weasels, there is very little he hasn't been able to use in a story.

Every experience, every success and failure, everything he reads, studies or researches, every person he meets and what they're like is stored away for writing.

While this may discourage people from revealing anything about themselves in his presence, he is content either way, seeing that if people avoid him, they are fulfilling his introverted desires.

Morden's over-arching goal in all his works is the hope to deliver a unique read to the reader.

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