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Myles Arayachai


After a lifelong passion for writing, and degree in literature at the University at Buffalo, I finally published his first novel at the age of 25. With the generous support of beautiful wife Wipawan, who inspired his first story, my dream finally came true. I began as a content editor at the beginning of 2022, and after helping other bootcamp authors, I decided to give serial fiction writing a try! My passion is poetry and historical fiction, which played a role in my first venture into online serial fiction in "Once Upon a Time in Siam." I am a Buffalo boy in my blood, resistant to cold weather, and a diehard Bills fan! In my spare time I love going to cat cafes and cooking Thai cuisine with my wife, as well as studying the Thai language from my wife's homeland! Sonic the Hedgehog is my favorite game series and while my wife loves Knuckles, I am partial to Tails because we share the same 'middle name.' Thank you for reading my stories! :)

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