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S. Ravichandran


S. Ravichandran was born on the 25th of September 1987 in Trichy - Tamil Nadu state of India. He has done his Master’s in Business Administration and presently he is settled at Nagpur – Maharashtra state of India and working professionally as an HR Consultant. He is having around ten years of experience in this field. This occupation has provided him the opportunity for a variance interaction and this exposure helped him to grow with ideas to create stories. Furthermore, being a travel lover, this budding author has been visiting new places and he made it to the maximum with his aptitude for research and the search for happenings. He has then penned down his brainwork in his book ‘The Orphan’ which is inspired by the collection of real-life events. Besides perusing his profession and hobby with dedication, Ravichandran is an active social worker and takes out time from his busy schedule of the hectic life responsibilities to feed the poor people on the streets every weekend, with a belief, ‘that helping hands are more powerful than praying lips.’

The Orphan, in search of love, is his first book. It’s like sizzler served to be loved by the readers. The writing genre of the author is “Romance and Suspense” which is certainly a popular one and very interesting too. He is being identified as a writer with his pen name ‘SR’. You can send him your feedback and love at You can also follow him on FB, Instagram, Twitter: @romancewritersr.

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