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Sherrie Carbajal


Sherrie Carbajal was born and raised in Crossville, Tennessee. Once she was old enough, she enlisted in the US Army. She served her time, then moved to Texas. She has loved writing stories since she was a child, but this will be her first published novel. When she was growing up, Sherrie enjoyed writing children’s books and young adult fiction. As she got older, she has now turned to adult fiction, mostly romance. Sherrie tends to have strong and dominant female protagonists, rather than male.

Sherrie now lives near Dallas, Texas, and is a wife and stay - at - home mother. She and her husband have six kids, and they are actu - ally the driving force behind her finally attempting to become a published author. Her children pushed her to at least try. So because of them and the support she received from her husband, she was finally able to turn her favorite hobby into a new career.

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